Valentines Makeup Tutorial

Valentines Makeup Tutorial

I really thought my love affair with pink-toned makeup would be over by now, but it’s still as strong as ever. This might be more than just a phase, guys. This might be the real deal.

If you’re in the market for a poppin’ date night makeup look (or dancing with the girls, or a cozy night in), in my opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a little rose gold glitter and hot pink lips… Continue reading “Valentines Makeup Tutorial”

Winter Favourites

The Little Book of Hygge Tarte Tarteist Glitter Liner rose gold RMS Beauty lip2cheek promise Annabelle Waterproof Liquid Liner bronze Texas Hold'em poker favourites 2

I’ve decided to start doing something a little different for my “Favourites” series on the blog. In the past, I’ve been featuring my beauty favourites of the moment and while they are never in short supply, sometimes I do find myself going back to basics in terms of simplifying my makeup routine. In short, I don’t really have that many products I’m necessarily obsessed with at any given time.

Moreover, I get pretty obsessed with random stuff for a few months and since it’s my blog and I can do whatever my little heart desires, I decided to include some non-beauty favourites for my winter roundup. If you’re just here for makeup and swatches, don’t worry. I’ve got some of that too! Continue reading “Winter Favourites”

Glittery Party Makeup Tutorial

Glittery Party Makeup Tutorial

I can’t be the only one who appreciates a good layer of glitter on the face. And let’s be honest, it’s not always the most appropriate for every day. But I can’t imagine a better time to bring out all the sparkles than the holidays.

This is my first makeup tutorial on the blog, so please go easy on me. It’s difficult to do makeup and be the photographer at the same time! I’m focusing mostly on the eyes which are undoubtedly the star of the show. (Also please ignore my frizzy hair, ever since I started dying it, styling it causes it to frizz out…) Continue reading “Glittery Party Makeup Tutorial”

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Tarte Glitter Treats Liner Set No Shower Happy Hour YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 4 Rouge in Danger Bite Beauty Multistick Brioche Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask Huda B

I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup this fall, for a number of reasons. I go through phases with makeup where sometimes I’m just not feeling it, haven’t got a lot of inspiration etc. Also, I had my laser eye touch-up in October so I wasn’t able to wear any eye makeup for a couple of weeks.

All this to say….That didn’t stop me from going a little crazy during the many sales this month. There was the L’Oreal warehouse sale, the Sephora VIB sale and I had a 20% off coupon for Tarte’s website….In my defense, I haven’t been indulging in new products as much as previous years, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to stock up since I could take advantage of some discounts. So stop judging me! She yells defensively…

Tarte Glitter Treats Liner Set No Shower Happy Hour YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 4 Rouge in Danger Bite Beauty Multistick Brioche Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask Huda B

Truth be told, I went a little crazier than I had originally planned….I don’t know what happened, guys. I just kept adding things to my cart. WITH ABANDON. It was equal parts exhilarating and shameful. Where are my fellow makeup junkies at? You know what I’m talking about….

So, here’s a roundup of my purchases with some swatches of the makeup items and a short blurb if you’re interested in knowing more about why I bought them. This is gonna be a long one, guys… Continue reading “Sephora VIB Sale Haul”

Vampy Lipsticks For Fall


Normally, my go-to lipsticks are red or nude, with a coral or pink thrown in during the summer for some variety. Although I am a recovering lip addict, I’m not super adventurous with my colour choices. Greys, browns, and the ever trendy “greige” don’t really do it for me. And forget about the blues and lilacs! They can look great on other people, but they just aren’t for me.

That is not to say, I don’t like having options. Especially now as we go into fall and winter, I think there’s a really good reason why burgundy, oxblood, and other vampy lipsticks are so popular now. They add a kind of richness to the season’s dimmer colour palette.

vampy fall lipsticks Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Mulberry Scarlet Tarte Tarteist Lip Pencil Squad Ciate London Liquid Velvet Voodoo

From top left to bottom right:
Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Mulberry
Tarte Tarteist lip crayon in Squad
Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Scarlet
Ciate London Liquid Velvet lipstick in Voodoo

Continue reading “Vampy Lipsticks For Fall”

Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials

I’ll be leaving at the end of August on a three-week trip to Europe and I thought I’d share some of my travel makeup essentials with you in case you want some tips or are just curious. Keep in mind, I am bringing way more makeup than most people probably want to, but I like to have options, even on the road! Continue reading “Travel Beauty Essentials”