Painting The Front Door Red DIY

Painting The Front Door Red DIY

I’m very happy and thankful for our house and I’m slowly chipping away at making it “ours” in every way possible. I’ve always dreamed of owning an English-storybook-meets-Victorian-style house with a peaked roof, brick chimney and climbing roses over a gated arbor. But for less than a million bucks inside the city? I think not…

I guess you could say we settled for a typical Montreal abode, a basic rectangular brick number, attached on both sides. Needless to say, I felt the urge to inject some personality into an otherwise drab facade and had been flirting with the thought of painting the front door a bright red for several months. Over a recent long weekend, I finally took the plunge and here’s how I did it:

painting front door red DIY before and after Behr exterior paint and primer in one red geranium

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DIY Backyard Remodel | How To Grow Grass From Seed In Your Yard

DIY Backyard Remodel | How To Grow Grass From Seed In Your Yard
The backyard of our new house was under the “pro” column when we decided to buy it, but by the first winter, we realized we didn’t enjoy it like we thought we would and made a plan to completely transform it. And being the super gung-ho impatient crazy lady that I am, I insisted we tackle it as soon as the snow melted, so we could enjoy it all summer. Here’s the whole long growing a new lawn from seed story, the only kind of story I know how to tell!

Wooden Crate Display Shelves DIY

Wooden Crate Display Shelves DIY

There’s this little part on the outside wall in our dining room that kind of juts out a bit more than the rest and I thought aΒ console table would be perfect to house some of the prettier things we had that were just sitting inside kitchen cupboards. I’m still holding out for the perfect pre-loved hutch to complete the dining room, but as my fellow thrifters know all too well, it can be a years-long waiting game when your heart’s set on vintage furniture.

DIY wooden crate shelf 2

But rather than spend several hundred bucks on an attractive console table that would be large enough to fit this odd indent in the room, I decided to try making my own out of wooden crates. If you’re into the rustic chic look, this makes a really interesting-looking display shelf or bookcase!

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Beaded Capelet DIY

Beaded Capelet DIY

There was a beaded capelet I really wanted from BHLDN for my wedding, but it was sold out. I thought about it for months. It just mesmerized me, the way it completed the look of other brides with the lightest kiss of whimsy and delicate elegance. I decided I would just have to make my own.

beaded capelet DIY wedding bolero cape 1

In the end, the one I made didn’t end up looking much like the one from BHLDN, but there’s something about creating, especially when the process is so long and grueling, that makes you so attached and proud. It may not be the most beautiful or perfect baby, but it’s yours!

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Paper Anniversary


Kyler and I have been together for about seven years and it’s our first wedding anniversary coming up this month. I thought I’d share some of my favourite wedding photos and talk about some of the details of the day for any future brides and grooms out there who might be interested!


We wanted to keep it as small and as simple as possible, especially because it was in Vancouver while we live in Montreal. We had the wedding at The Brockhouse Restaurant in Point Grey. The ceremony was on their lawn and the reception, in their tent. I picked this place mostly due to the fact that they provide everything, the chairs, tables, cutlery, servers, food, drinks, even beautiful white drapes, lights and chandeliers for the tent. We basically just showed up, put some flowers on all the tables and the set up the arch for the ceremony. I highly, highly recommend finding a place that does everything for you if you are having a destination wedding, because even though we had very little to do compared to other weddings, it was still pretty stressful!





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Skim Coating Textured Walls DIY

Skim Coating Textured Walls DIY

One of the first things we did when we moved into our lovely home was tackle our not-so-lovely second floor walls. For some reason (we seem to say that a lot about the people we bought the house from…) the sellers of the house wanted textured walls in the entire second floor. I’m talking heavily veiny, pimple walls. Yikes.

skimcoat textured walls DIY

Needless to say, I hopped onto Google even before we moved in and did a ton of research on what we could do about this. The traditional way to get rid of textured walls is probably just sand it down to a smooth finish and paint over it. However, there is almost definitely lead in at least some of our paint since the house was built in 1944. Sanding the paint off would release particles into the air and sure, it might not be so bad, we could have gotten the paint tested to be sure, or we could have gotten professionals who know how to properly work with this type of situation, but we didn’t want the extra hassle or cost, and even thought it might be fun to tackle this project ourselves.

skimcoat textured walls DIY

I’m warning you right now… It was fun for about a week. Then I got over it real fast and even suffered some shoulder injuries. Skim coating is no joke. It took us about two months to do three rooms, a hallway and the staircase, working almost every weekend, all day, and weekday evenings.

In our defense, this is the first kind of heavy-duty DIY/renovating we’ve ever done and there was a lot of trial and error in the beginning as we tried to feel everything out to get the best result. Also, we didn’t do it how a professional probably would have. I found a more “foolproof” way, which no doubt ended up taking longer, but I think worked better for a couple of amateurs.

So here’s how we got rid of our textured walls by skim coating:

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Sunburst Light Fixture DIY

Sunburst Light Fixture DIY
One of the things I knew I really wanted to do in our new house was swap out the dated, builder-grade light fixtures with ones with more personality and flare. In my opinion, light fixtures and window treatments are the easiest way to completely transform a room. I really wanted a statement piece in our entryway and became obsessed with the sunburst style light fixture.

It’s such an interesting shape and design without imposing itself too much into the space, an essential feature for me considering our entryway is so small and the stairs would interfere with anything hanging too low. What I didn’t love was the price tag… The cheapest I could find was $800 and there were many well over that amount. There had to be a cheaper DIY version, I thought, and a quick Google search revealed several creative ways others have solved this sunburst problem. Here’s how I ended up turning our boring entry light into a flashy statement:

before after sunburst starburst light fixture DIY

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