DIY Holiday Planter Arrangement

DIY Christmas Holiday planter display

You may have noticed by now, but I love decorating the front door with the seasons and holidays. It just adds a little extra something special to the joy of coming home after a long day out. This year for the holidays/winter season, I decided to use my trusty porch planters to create a lively evergreen porch display. Here’s how I did it!


-soil or floral foam
-birch branches of varying length
-thin sticks
-cedar, fir, pine branches
-(optional) string lights, ribbons etc.

1. Prep your planter

I’m using the soil that was already in my planters to prop everything up. You could probably also use those floral foam blocks in a similar way if you don’t want to use soil. The birch branches I got were really long so Kyler helped me saw them into thirds. I also broke up the skinny brown branches into shorter pieces as well.

Christmas holiday front porch door outdoor planter container display DIY grid

2. Insert your branches and sticks

I started with the birch branches, then the sticks, then alternated between the cedar, pine and fir branches to get a sort of haphazard look. It’s important to stand back a good ten or fifteen feet and check your work from a distance to ensure that it looks how you think it looks. You can, of course, use your own preferred materials, but I like the look of mixing the evergreens, with the darker and lighter wood to break up the green. I got my birch wood and sticks from Homesense and the evergreen clippings from the grocery store.

DIY Christmas Holiday planter display cedar fir birch pine branches

DIY Christmas Holiday planter porch evergreen arrangement display

Now, you could very well stop here and call it a day. I think it looks beautiful just like this! But since it’s Christmas and I’m a crazy Christmas lady, I added some more holiday fixins to make it extra Christmasy.

3. (Optional) Add ribbon, string lights and/or other holiday touches

I got these wired fairy lights from the dollar store (battery operated) and wrapped them gingerly around all the birch branches and brown sticks. You could also tie on some ribbon, add acorns/pine cones, berry twigs or whatever else you want.

DIY Christmas Holiday porch front door planter evergreen arrangement string fairy lights

So there you have it! A super simple way to add some drama and holiday cheer to your front door.




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