So funny story….Kyler was in charge of planning our honeymoon and I wanted it to be a secret until we arrived at the airport. He accidentally told someone at a party that he was planning on taking us to Spain without telling her it was a secret. Of course, she immediately came over to me to say goodbye and tell me to have fun in Spain.

That’s how we ended up in New Zealand actually! Kyler was so upset and adamant that it had to be a secret that he changed his whole plan. But lucky for us, we managed to make our way over to Spain this year after visiting Morocco and had a grand old time.

Sevilla Parque de Maria Luisa Spain travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog

Sevilla Cathedral Spain travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog

Sevilla Alcazar Spain travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog

Sevilla Plaza de Espana Spain travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog 3

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Morocco & The Sahara Desert

I’ve been dreaming about travelling to Morocco since I was around 15 or 16, around the time when I discovered my two favourite books of all time: The English Patient and Le petit prince. They just painted this picture for me of the vast beauty and solitude of the desert. I became fixated.


Mosque Hassan II mosaic tiles Morocco travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog 3

Granted, I know very little about northern Africa. And I know the Sahara is huge and spans several countries, and The English Patient was set in Egypt, not Morocco, but there always seemed to me to be something about the spirit of Morocco that echoed the reflective, lyrical spirit of these books I love.

And I think you can see the Moroccan influences creep into certain aspects of my design and decor sensibilities. The colours, the patterns, the metals…There’s just something about Morocco that speaks to me.

Mosque Hassan II Casablanca Morocco travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog 1

Mosque Hassan II Morocco travel Montreal lifestyle fashion beauty blog 2

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Paris, Je T’aime

Paris is one of the few places on Earth outside of Canada where I kind of feel at home when I visit. I think this is my fifth time in Paris and I’m sensing a pattern that actually makes a lot of sense: the more time you spend somewhere, the more comfortable you become there! Who would’ve guessed?

I’ll always remember Paris (along with Florence) as being the catalyst that propelled me into artistic life. I loved writing, but when I visited Paris for the first time at 18, I had absolutely no interest in the visual arts. That all changed abruptly, with dizzying force. I can’t pinpoint a specific painting or sculpture that changed my life. It was as if being surrounded by so much beauty made me realize for the first time what we, people, are capable of.

It’s not that I’m some kind of expert at, well, anything, but Paris really opened my mind to fearlessly embracing art. You don’t have to understand it or intellectualize it. All I know is what I like and how it makes me feel. I think that’s enough, for me at least. I gained some sort of understanding about creation. The knowledge that creating something, however small or amateurish, is in itself a monumental feat. The thing that makes our souls unique from all other living beings.

Paris, to me, means a lot of things. Romance, not between two people, but the romance of living, being alive. The brightness of being, the depth of self-discovery, an assault on every sense, the endless joy and profound solitude of love.

This is my Paris. A place where beauty, ephemeral in nature, can rest for just a moment, just long enough for us to drink in its essence, feed our spirits and fuel our lives. A place of intense longing. Being kissed by a poignant melody, under dancing moonlight, as you walk hand-in-hand with ghosts of the past through a valley of endless possibility. A prism of tender imagination. A vessel of lovely daydreams.

Paris travel Louvre Museum fashion 1

Paris travel Louvre Museum fashion 2

Paris travel Louvre Museum fashion 3

Paris travel Louvre Museum fashion 1 (1)

Paris travel rue Cremieux fashion

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Travelogue | Hungary & The Balkan Coast

Travelogue | Hungary & The Balkan Coast

I just got back from an amazing trip that took me from Budapest, down through the Balkan coast all the way to Athens. I went with very little knowledge of the area, but sometimes that just makes the discoveries more interesting. For instance, I had no idea how big of an influence Italy had on the architecture and food throughout these coastal countries. Makes total sense now that I think about it. And something I really loved and appreciated was the history literally written all over the buildings. WWII bullet holes were still visible in some of the hundred-year-old stones. Original Roman floors were kept in what are now banks and shoe stores. I really appreciated that although they modernized and renovated, so much of humanity’s history (recent and long passed) was kept intact. I was so impressed with how well things were built in the past, that they have withstood so much weather, time and progress…

Budapest travel colorful street

Budapest travel castle hill district Matthias Church

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Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials

I’ll be leaving at the end of August on a three-week trip to Europe and I thought I’d share some of my travel makeup essentials with you in case you want some tips or are just curious. Keep in mind, I am bringing way more makeup than most people probably want to, but I like to have options, even on the road! Continue reading “Travel Beauty Essentials”

Camping & Quebec City

Camping & Quebec City

This past weekend, Kyler and I went camping for the first time since moving to Quebec, almost a decade ago. To be honest, I was never a huge nature/hiking lover, but our honeymoon in New Zealand last year has awoken in me, a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors. I insisted we go camping at Parc National des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, one of Quebec’s provincial parks. And what a beautiful park it was!

Rivière Malbaie Parc National des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie


The park’s main attraction is a collection of tree-covered mountains and valleys with the Rivière Malbaie running through them. We were able to get a campsite at the Pin-Blanc campgrounds right by the river. It was a lot colder than we thought it would be, but that made my favourite part of camping all the more enjoyable: the campfire!

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