Fizzy Summer Mocktail for Canada Day

Fizzy Summer Mocktail for Canada Day

As a non-drinker, I’m always looking for fun drinks that I can enjoy besides, well… Water. Nothing against water, but sometimes you just want to spice things up. Here’s a simple, pretty, fun, fizzy drink I whipped up, inspired by Canada Day:

Canada Day summer mocktail alcohol free sparkling apple pomegranate juice 7 up strawberry ice cubes drink


  • sliced and whole strawberries
  • sparkling apple and pomegranate juice
  • 7up, Sprite or any other fizzy clear drink

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Eclectic Dinnerware

Eclectic Dinnerware

If I could describe my style (both fashion and decor-wise) in one word, it would be eclectic. Kinda obvious from the title of this blog… But my philosophy is basically that there are so many beautiful things in the world, why limit yourself by just choosing one, when you can have all of them? That might be a selfish or hoard-y philosophy, but I think my dishware collection perfectly sums up what I mean. You COULD get a set of matching plates and bowls in a pattern you like… OR … you could collect every dish and bowl you happen upon and your natural reflex is to gasp and whisper “preeeeety….”

mismatched antique vintage ornate dinnerware dishware glassware cutlery 6

mismatched antique vintage ornate dinnerware dishware glassware cutlery 4

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Creating A Bohemian Backyard Oasis

Creating A Bohemian Backyard Oasis

One of the first things we bought when we moved into our new house last summer was a conversation set for the backyard. Priorities right? Half the summer was already over and I wanted to be able to enjoy our new backyard for as long as possible. We did not end up using the backyard set as much as I thought, for reasons I will get into in a big post coming up about how we completely remodeled the backyard and grew some luscious grass.

Home Depot garden conversation set gazebo bohemian decor before and after

Home Depot garden conversation set gazebo bohemian decor 2

Home Depot garden conversation set gazebo bohemian decor chandelier string lights

This summer, I really wanted to make the gazebo a cozy oasis so we’d spend more time out there and really enjoy it. I had most of the supplies already including this sweet (non-functional) chandelier I got off Craigslist several years ago. I DIYed it into a purely decorative piece by super gluing beads to the arms and flowers where the light bulbs would normally go and spray painting it red. It sort of just sat in our old apartment as a decor item, but I thought it would be perfect to add a bit of whimsy to our backyard setup.

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Blue and White Porcelain Pottery

Blue and White Porcelain Pottery
Over the years, I’ve been amassing quite a collection of blue and white porcelain pottery pieces from flea markets, vintage shops and secondhand stores from all over. I even lugged a vase all the way home from New Zealand! There are a lot of design elements and styles that fall in and out of fashion, but blue and white pottery is something that I feel never goes out of style. It’s just so classy and beautiful!

vintage chair embroidered cushion gold ornate frame suitcase blue and white vase oil painting

I wish I knew more about each individual piece I’ve collected. I know some of them were made in China and Japan, but this blue and white porcelain has had such a rich history, some of these might be older than I realize. Although I believe the roots of this style of pottery comes from the Middle East, it permeated Asia and finally the West and has probably become one of the most recognizable design styles that I can think of.

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Plant Vibes | Decorating With Houseplants

Plant Vibes | Decorating With Houseplants

I was your typical houseplant killer (RIP poor cactus…) but when we moved into our first house, I knew I needed some greenery and was determined to change my plant killing ways. There’s just something so quietly joyful about having houseplants in the home. They give off such happy vibes. I’ve been tending to them daily for months now and although some are faring better than others, I’m happy to report there have been no casualties! Knock on wood…

I snagged this antique brass bar cart from a used furniture dealer and it sits with some of my smaller specimens in the dining room. It’s got a ton of wear and tear, but it makes a really beautiful and unique plant stand. I just love it!

antique brass bar cart plants planter
teapot planter spider plant fern

I’m also super into finding interesting vessels to act as planters. It adds just that extra touch of whimsy that makes me so happy! For those plants in containers without holes, I’ve been putting rocks at the bottom to help with drainage and the plants seem to be doing okay. I feed them some indoor plant food about once a week and so far so good.

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