Fizzy Summer Mocktail for Canada Day

Fizzy Summer Mocktail for Canada Day

As a non-drinker, I’m always looking for fun drinks that I can enjoy besides, well… Water. Nothing against water, but sometimes you just want to spice things up. Here’s a simple, pretty, fun, fizzy drink I whipped up, inspired by Canada Day:

Canada Day summer mocktail alcohol free sparkling apple pomegranate juice 7 up strawberry ice cubes drink


  • sliced and whole strawberries
  • sparkling apple and pomegranate juice
  • 7up, Sprite or any other fizzy clear drink

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Eclectic Dinnerware

Eclectic Dinnerware

If I could describe my style (both fashion and decor-wise) in one word, it would be eclectic. Kinda obvious from the title of this blog… But my philosophy is basically that there are so many beautiful things in the world, why limit yourself by just choosing one, when you can have all of them? That might be a selfish or hoard-y philosophy, but I think my dishware collection perfectly sums up what I mean. You COULD get a set of matching plates and bowls in a pattern you like… OR … you could collect every dish and bowl you happen upon and your natural reflex is to gasp and whisper “preeeeety….”

mismatched antique vintage ornate dinnerware dishware glassware cutlery 6

mismatched antique vintage ornate dinnerware dishware glassware cutlery 4

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Cruisin’ With My New Bike

Kyler and I got me an early birthday a little while ago and I’ve been in love ever since. I never knew bike riding could be so good! Although the whole backwards pedaling to break is something I’ll have to get used to. Luckily, there is still a front brake, something I knew I wanted in a bike. That’s one of the things that made me pick this one after searching and searching online. I wanted a cruiser but I didn’t want it to be too heavy and I wanted it to have more than one gear plus at least one “real” brake.

That’s when we found this one from local Griffintown bike shop Allo Velo! It’s slightly lighter than a typical cruiser bike, comes in a small size and they threw in all the necessary accessories. It was pretty much a done deal. It’s so much lighter and smoother than a Bixi, which is what I’ve been using for the past few years.Β It’s like floating on a cloud in comparison! I just love it!

Creme Molly Dutch bike Pistachio cruiser

Creme Molly Dutch bike Pistachio cruiser H&M top high-waisted Primark denim shorts wedges Forever 21 sunglasses 2

Creme Molly Dutch bike Pistachio cruiser H&M top high-waisted Primark denim shorts wedges Forever 21 sunglasses

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Summer Beauty Favourites

Summer Beauty Favourites

summer beauty favourites swatch Tarte Amazonian Butter lipstick poppy

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick – Poppy

This is the perfect no-fuss lipstick. The colour really pops when you first put it on and as it fades throughout the day, it leaves your lips with such a pretty stain, like you just ate a Popsicle. If you’re afraid of red lipstick, this is the perfect intro to it!

summer beauty favourites swatches YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Oil lipstick 12 Coral Incandescent

YSLΒ Rouge Volupte Shine in Oil Lipstick – 12 Corail Incandescent

First of all, the packaging needs no words. It. Is. So. Beautiful. Can we tell I’ve been gravitating towards a theme for summer? Bright, warm corals and pinky reds are my jam! And I’m a little bit over the matte liquid lipstick at the moment. I think they’ve peaked. I’m all about the glossy, juicy pout now, with less than crisp edges, that effortless chic look. The kind of lip you don’t even need a mirror to apply.

summer beauty favourites swatches Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Too FacedΒ Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

I have been obsessed with this palette since I got it a couple of months ago. There are a lot of products that get so much hype, but for me… The hype was real for this one! I love almost every single colour in this palette. If I have a complaint, it’s thatΒ I don’t like the smell. But I prefer all my cosmetics and skincare to be scent-free. This is actually a surprisingly versatile palette. You can get pink looks, peachy looks, neutral looks, purple looks… And just for fun one day, I used this palette for my face too (contour, blush and highlight!) If you are into warm eye shadow looks, and especially peachy or coral hues, this is a great palette. Continue reading “Summer Beauty Favourites”

DIY Backyard Remodel | How To Grow Grass From Seed In Your Yard

DIY Backyard Remodel | How To Grow Grass From Seed In Your Yard
The backyard of our new house was under the “pro” column when we decided to buy it, but by the first winter, we realized we didn’t enjoy it like we thought we would and made a plan to completely transform it. And being the super gung-ho impatient crazy lady that I am, I insisted we tackle it as soon as the snow melted, so we could enjoy it all summer. Here’s the whole long growing a new lawn from seed story, the only kind of story I know how to tell!

Travelogue | New Zealand

Last year was a crazy year full of big events and firsts. We got married, we bought our first house, Kyler’s company launched their first game, and we traveled to the southern hemisphere for the first time. I put Kyler in charge of our honeymoon and told him to completely surprise me. I didn’t want to know where we were going until we got to the airport. I had someec guesses beforehand, but there was one really big slip-up that kind of gave it away. We were supposed to fly in to New Zealand the day after the big earthquake hit in November and Kyler was freaking out, calling what I later learned was the camper rental company trying to get information about whether or not our trip was even still feasible.

Turns out, everything was pretty much normal when we arrived. There was just a small section of the South Island, north of Christchurch, that had really bad roads and mudslides and the camper Kyler originally booked for us was stuck there with no way to get back to Christchurch. But the company hooked us up with another one that seemed even nicer so it all worked out. There were no really signs of any earthquake damage or trouble anywhere we went, although some of the tourist sites were closed or had sections that were closed off for precautionary reasons.

New Zealand camper camping travel

New Zealand flowers travel

New Zealand Mount Aspiring National Park river travel

We drove ourselves down and back up through the South Island, took a ferry to Wellington and did a quick tour of the North Island before flying out of Auckland. We were there for about two and a half weeks and if I have any advice, it’s that you should probably set aside a good three weeks or more if you really want to explore all of the country. We didn’t have time to hit all the spots of interests, but still saw a fair amount. And I highly, highly recommend renting a camper to drive yourself around to see everything that’s worth seeing!

New Zealand Mount Cook travel

New Zealand Fox Glacier hike travel 2

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