Sunburst Light Fixture DIY

One of the things I knew I really wanted to do in our new house was swap out the dated, builder-grade light fixtures with ones with more personality and flare. In my opinion, light fixtures and window treatments are the easiest way to completely transform a room. I really wanted a statement piece in our entryway and became obsessed with the sunburst style light fixture.

It’s such an interesting shape and design without imposing itself too much into the space, an essential feature for me considering our entryway is so small and the stairs would interfere with anything hanging too low. What I didn’t love was the price tag… The cheapest I could find was $800 and there were many well over that amount. There had to be a cheaper DIY version, I thought, and a quick Google search revealed several creative ways others have solved this sunburst problem. Here’s how I ended up turning our boring entry light into a flashy statement:

before after sunburst starburst light fixture DIY


-mirror with sunburst frame
-simple flush-mount light fixture
-gold spray paint
-long, brass screws

1. Once you find a sunburst mirror you like, you should remove the mirror from the frame. 

The sunburst mirror I purchased for my light was this one from Wayfair. The above “materials” photo shows a smaller mirror I got from H&M for regular mirror purposes. You might be able to just pop it out depending on how it’s been inserted. If it’s glued down, warm up the glue with a hair dryer and gently pry it out. Always be careful when working with glass and mirrors!

2. Once you’ve figured out the placement of the light fixture, screw the frame to the ceiling with your screws at the smallest points of the frame, so it’s held in place flush to the ceiling. 

We ended up just using some 8×2″ brass finishing trim head screws we had lying around cause they worked well enough and matched the gold finish of the sunburst, but I’m sure there are better screws out there. Also, we didn’t end up using ceiling anchors or anything for our install, but depending on your materials and ceiling, you might want to for extra security.

3. Spray paint the bottom of the light fixture (if desired) to match the colour of the frame. 

I preferred the mushroom-shaped light best with this design, plus the base fit almost perfectly within the mirror portion of the frame with the one I got from Wayfair, but any flush-mount light would work.

4. Install the light fixture inside of the mounted frame following the instructions included with the fixture or hire an electrician to do it for you.

Et voila! You have a beautiful new light to brighten up your home!

sunburst starburst light fixture DIY
sunburst starburst light fixture DIY
sunburst starburst light fixture DIY

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