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I was your typical houseplant killer (RIP poor cactus…) but when we moved into our first house, I knew I needed some greenery and was determined to change my plant killing ways. There’s just something so quietly joyful about having houseplants in the home. They give off such happy vibes. I’ve been tending to them daily for months now and although some are faring better than others, I’m happy to report there have been no casualties! Knock on wood…

I snagged this antique brass bar cart from a used furniture dealer and it sits with some of my smaller specimens in the dining room. It’s got a ton of wear and tear, but it makes a really beautiful and unique plant stand. I just love it!

antique brass bar cart plants planterteapot planter spider plant fern

I’m also super into finding interesting vessels to act as planters. It adds just that extra touch of whimsy that makes me so happy! For those plants in containers without holes, I’ve been putting rocks at the bottom to help with drainage and the plants seem to be doing okay. I feed them some indoor plant food about once a week and so far so good.

English ivy wall planter
English ivy wall planter

The main thing I’m always looking for in a houseplant is easy maintenance. My English ivy and snake plant do fine in low light and want for very little. I just make sure to spritz the leaves of the ivy to keep mites at bay.

I am definitely looking to grow my collection over time. If you have any suggestions for low maintenance indoor houseplants, please let me know!


snake plant blue planter

2 thoughts on “Plant Vibes | Decorating With Houseplants

  1. Love the plants Jackie!

    I also love the antique porcelain tea cups as pots although I myself am wary of planting in anything without drainage holes (or that's not terracotta now that I think of it). Although puttings rocks on the bottom may help, another solution would be to pot the plants in cheap plastic containers with holes stabbed in the bottom, and then place those within the prettier pots, keeping rocks at the bottom of those pretty pots so wandering roots won't sit in any water runoff. This allows you to water your plants properly (which is to say thoroughly) without risk of rot. After watering you can simply lift the plant out, bail out the water from the pretty pot, et voila! Happy and healthy plant!

    As for another easy-to-care-for low maintenance plant, I'd recommend a pothos. They thrive in less than ideal conditions in terms of light and water (and by thrive I mean they take over your kitchen cabinets) and they are very easy to propagate; just snip a vine with some leaves and nodes, dunk in water, et voila, a new plant for yourself or your friends!

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