Travelogue | England, Scotland, Ireland

Travel has always been one of my top priorities in life and I always try to go on an international adventure at least once a year. But since we bought our house last year, my priorities have shifted somewhat and I don’t know if a 2017 trip is in the cards for us at this point in time. Still, a girl can daydream and reminisce!

Sometimes I wish we still had photo albums. I don’t exactly scroll through my camera roll like I used to flip through the pages of a photo album, so I decided to start a travelogue series with some of my favourite photos and memories of trips past.

Dublin, Edinburgh and London were great, but in my opinion, the countryside is the main attraction if you are ever in the UK or Ireland. I have never been a huge fan of hiking or camping or nature in general, but travelling to the English/Scottish/Irish countryside made me realize it was because I haven’t been going to the right nature! That’s what I love about travel. I always end up realizing something about myself that I never knew. Have you been to the UK or Ireland? What are some of your favourite memories?















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