Travelogue | Hungary & The Balkan Coast

I just got back from an amazing trip that took me from Budapest, down through the Balkan coast all the way to Athens. I went with very little knowledge of the area, but sometimes that just makes the discoveries more interesting. For instance, I had no idea how big of an influence Italy had on the architecture and food throughout these coastal countries. Makes total sense now that I think about it. And something I really loved and appreciated was the history literally written all over the buildings. WWII bullet holes were still visible in some of the hundred-year-old stones. Original Roman floors were kept in what are now banks and shoe stores. I really appreciated that although they modernized and renovated, so much of humanity’s history (recent and long passed) was kept intact. I was so impressed with how well things were built in the past, that they have withstood so much weather, time and progress…

Budapest travel colorful street

Budapest travel castle hill district Matthias Church

Budapest travel old stairs travel fashion 1

Budapest travel Chain bridge night

Budapest travel Chain Bridge

Budapest travel Chain Bridge travel fashion

Budapest travel Buda side Danube river

Budapest travel Chain Bridge Danube River

Budapest travel skyline Danube River

Budapest travel Jewish quarter

Avail Hostel WWII bullet holes Budapest travel

Budapest travel old stairs travel fashion 2Croatia Zagreb travel Cathedral Assumption of Mary

Croatia Zagreb travel fashion

Croatia Zagreb travel street

Croatia Plitvice Lakes hike travel

Croatia Plitvice Lakes hike travel boardwalk

Croatia Split palm trees harbour old town travel

Croatia Split old buildings travel fashion

Croatia Split cathedral old town travel

Croatia Trogir harbour travel

Croatia Trogir streets travel

Croatia Trogir medieval fortress travel

Croatia Hvar travel steps

Croatia Hvar travel port rooftops

Croatia Dubrovnik city walls walk old town travel fashion

Croatia Dubrovnik travel city walls walk old town

Croatia Dubrovnik travel city walls walk old town panoramic view

Croatia Dubrovnik travel monastery

Croatia Dubrovnik travel cathedrale

Montenegro Perast harbour boats

Montenegro Kotor travel steps

Montenegro Kotor travel chain door

Montenegro Kotor hike fortress travel

Montenegro Bay of Kotor travel

Montenegro Sveti Stefan travel

Albania Gjirokaster panoramic view travel

Albania Gjirokaster travel castle cannons

Albania Blue Eye hole travel

Albania Tirana monument flag square

Greece Corfu travel old town (1)

Greece Corfu travel old town

Greece Corfu travel harbour old town

Greece Corfu new fortress travel

Greece Corfu travel old fortress

Greece Athens travel Acropolis

Greece Athens travel Acropolis temple

Greece Athens travel Acropolis amphitheater

Greece Athens travel Acropolis temple of Athena

Despite how many photos are in this post, this is really just a fleeting glimpse of the beauty and history I tried to capture. As always, photos haven’t done any of these cities and landscapes justice. A snapshot of a stone step, once harsh and jagged, now shiny and smooth after enduring centuries of wear, just can’t compare to slipping on it with your own feet, laughing with relief when you catch yourself before falling.

People can always tell me stories and histories, warn me of bad decisions and follies, but the part of me that is stubborn and doesn’t want to be controlled is the same part that can fully absorb lessons, wisdom and awe when I can experience it for myself. I think that’s part of why travel is so important to me, why I try so hard to prioritize it. I realize I’m very fortunate to have the time and funds to do this, but it’s not without struggle and deprivation.

But still, I’d rather not buy any coffee, candy and lipsticks for a year than go without travel. Now that’s saying something.




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